Clifford Park 5k Series

Clifford Park 5k LogoThe Clifford Park 5k Series is a weekly rugged trail run right in the heart of Biddeford, Maine. The 5k course does a large loop all around the park, through thick wooded areas, over streams, and through rock faces. However, you will not encounter a single inch of pavement on the entire route!

Clifford Park 5k History

The original plan for the race, developed in accordance with the Friends of Clifford Park, was to create a course entirely on the trails of the park that was challenging enough for experienced trail runners, but not too hard for anyone that wanted to give it a shot.

It took us months of running through the park every single day, enduring countless miles, but eventually we came up with the perfect route.

We reached out to all our friends and local runners to come test the course, and got great reviews! A few months later we hosted the first annual Clifford Park 5k and had a great success. A small race, with only 21 finishers its first year, showed promising growth for the event in the future. We decided that in the future, we would change it from a single day event to a weekly series. This way, we could get more people to try trail running, especially in an area not known for it!

Only $5.00 to Run!

In 2018, the event will no longer be a one-day race. We will host weekly races for only $5.00, and you can come whenever you want. We will also offer seasons pass options as well as a punch pass. The season pass is at a huge discount, and the punch pass never expires! So make sure to bring all your friends, because you can’t afford not to run!

Photo Gallery

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Race Details

Date: Mondays, May-September, 2018
Distance: 5k
Location: Biddeford, Maine